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CT and Ultrasound Referral Service

Wanstead Veterinary Hospital is now able to offer a full referral service for our CT (Computed Tomography) scanner and Ultrasound Scanning service.  Andrew Holloway is our in-house European Specialist in Diagnostic imaging which means you will get results in the quickest possible time.  CT scanning is an outstanding state of the art tool used for quickly generating thousands of images which can be of great benefit for the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases.  We are able to report back to the referring vet within 24 hours and have ample free parking at the Hospital

Andrew offers an in-patient and out-patient ultrasound service and the combination of the latest ultrasonographic equipment and Andrew's extensive specialist experience means we can offer a superior referral diagnostic service. We aim to offer you the best, fastest and most comprehensive diagnostic out-patient service. Your pet will be scanned and the results interpreted and reported back with the fastest turnaround time possible.

Your pet will be admitted by one of our nursing team at our flagship hospital at Wanstead, where you will find ample free parking and a warm welcome. Your pet will need to have food withheld overnight before the examination, but don’t worry, they will be fed as soon as they have safely recovered in our hospital. Most CT procedures require approximately 45-60 minutes to be completed. The CT scan itself will only take a few minutes.

On admission to our recently expanded and refurbished state of the art hospital your pet will be made comfortable and assessed for their scan.


The actual scanning process takes only 15-30 minutes. Your pet will be sedated or have a general anaesthetic. Before the scan takes place a contrast is injected in order for Andrew to be able to highlight detail in tissues and organs when assessing the scan.  

Our 16 slice CT scanner will then take rapidly take thousands of images using a rotating x-ray tube which produces a detailed 3D picture of a patient’s internal anatomy.   This enhances the ability of the veterinary team to diagnose disease affecting many parts of the body including the head, chest and abdomen.  It can also be used to identify tumours in oncology and fractures and bone abnormalities in orthopaedic patients.

Our excellent and experienced nursing team will then closely monitor your pet’s recovery while Andrew can get straight to work assessing the thousands of images generated by the CT scanner.

For further information please download our information sheets below